Second Genius Hour Reflection

And yet another apple pieCreative Commons License Benny Mazur via Compfight

For my second genius hour project I made an apple pie. I choose to make an apple pie because I am american and I eat apple pie for thanksgiving, Christmas day and the fourth of July. I wanted to make it also because my mom is always the one that makes it so I wanted to try and make it myself. I learned that it is actually difficult to make an apple pie since you have to cut a lot of apples to make it and also you have to cook the liquid that you put in it and you have to cook it for the right amount of time so that it isn’t hard.

This project helped me because now for fourth of July, Christmas day and thanksgiving I can help my mom make the apple pie or I could just make it myself, so this also helps out my mom. This project also helped out my community because now when people come over to my house for a holiday I can make a good apple pie.

For the next genius hour project I have to do something that impacts the world in some way so it could be something that has to do with helping people in the community or it could be something that has to do with making a business plan for company that you would like to have some day. Whatever I do for the next project has to be very detailed so that people totally understand what you did.

In the end I think that it went well and the apple pie actually turned out well. My presentation was okay and everyone seemed to really like the pie, which was good.

My presentation

My Researching for Apple Pie

In this genius hour project we had to work on using social media for academic use. We used twitter to find people that had to do with whatever topic we were doing, in my case I am making an apple pie. The people I chose to follow were mostly hobbyists, authors, chefs and doctors. I followed these people because they seem like the type of people that like food and would like to give advice about it.

Apple Pie Recipe

The information I asked to the people I followed was very specific to what they do. I asked the hobbyists about what was their favorite foods to cook and why do they make it. I asked the authors about how they got into food and why. I then asked the chefs what were their opinions on baking an apple pie and lastly I asked the doctors about the health components in an apple pie. This information really helped me because I didn’t really know a lot about baking and this information taught me a lot.

And yet another apple pieCreative Commons License Benny Mazur via Compfight

Sadly I didn’t get a lot of responses from my sources but I did get one from a hobbyist. She did respond to my question really well and it did help and she did follow me back. In her response she did offer further assistance but I did not have anymore questions so I just answered with a Thank you.

I think that this process is very useful in school for any project that you have to do and I will definitely use this in my next genius hour project.

The best places I have visited

In my whole life I have visited a lot of countries since I have lived overseas my whole life but there are a few countries that are my all time favorites. My all time favorite places that I have visited are Ireland, South Africa(specifically Cape Town), Kas (Turkey) and Ile Sainte Marie(Madagascar).

The first country that I love is Ireland, in general, I went there for the first time this summer and the main reasons we went there this summer was because my dads mother is 100% Irish so he wanted to visit it to see where he comes from. Another reason we wanted to go there is just because it’s a place that everyone in our family has always wanted to go. While we were in Ireland we first visited Dublin, then the cliffs of moher and then we went to stay in Ballycotton, Co. Cork, the main reason we went there was because that is where my dads family comes from. I loved going there so much.


Another place that I loved visiting is South Africa. I have been to South Africa multiple times but my favorite place that I have visited is Cape Town, it was so beautiful and I really loved it.


I lived in Turkey for two years and while I lived there I traveled around a lot. My favorite place that I went was Kas, I loved it so much because it was right on the coast and while we were there we rented a house that was on the main peninsula and it was right next to the ocean and it was so beautiful.


My favorite place that I have lived was Madagascar and it was so beautiful. But the best place in Madagascar to go to, in my opinion, is Ile Sainte Marie. It’s my favorite place because it is the best place to go whale watching and the hotel that we stayed at every time we went had a little island that had a cliff to jump off and the hotel had a board walk to walk to it and it was so beautiful.


My Sports Community

The main group of people that I always hang out with are the people that I am always playing sports with. I love this community of people because I am the type of person that is always playing or trying to get people to play sports. So all of the people in my community are the same type of people, so they are the people that I have become good friends with and they are my favorite people to hang out with because we always have something to do.

Even though all of the people in my community are my friends and are really kind people the main people in my community that I relate to the most with are the people that play soccer. These people are more relatable because my favorite sport is definitely soccer so it feels like I do have more things to talk about with them because I do know a lot about soccer and we are the same type of people.

There are a lot of pros about the community that I am in but there is con about it. I think on thing that is hard for me, for example, is the fact that on the weekend my parents have enrolled me in so many sports so I do not have a lot of time to work on my school work so sometimes I can’t get it all done and that does sometimes affect me.

I do really love the community that I am in but I think because I am so focused on sports, because sports is my life, I think that it might be good for to also join another community at the same time since I am not the most academic person. Even though I am really good academically in some classes there are other classes that I just really do not understand. So I do feel like for me that will be beneficial.


My Dream Job

Once I graduate I would love to become a professional soccer player or at least a soccer coach. I basically want to be doing soccer for the rest of my life. I would play for the US Woman’s National Team and my club team would be the portland thorns.

Genius hour reflection

For my first genius project I decided to make slime, I chose slime because I wanted to do something unique that I thought no one else would do. I learned after watching videos on how to make slime and then trying to make the slime that it isn’t as easy as it looks. This project helped me realize that the fact that not everything happens first try and you really have to try a lot to make it happen. Slime helps people make money since people pay money to buy slime for their children.


To write a comment on someones page you have to go to the bottom of their blog and at the reply section where is says reply to the post. Then once you get their write a good quality comment then post it.

When I get a comment from someone I expect that it will be a formal and good quality comment. First the person should say hello and introduce themselves. Then the person should try and express interest in your topic and try and make a connection between you and the other person.

About Me

My name is Abigail Davis. I live in Dakar, Senegal right now but I have lived in Niger, Mali, Ghana, Madagascar and Turkey, in that order. I am a very athletic person, my favorite sport is soccer. My favorite soccer player is Alex Morgan. I like watching YouTube and I follow a lot of You Tubers.