My Sports Community

The main group of people that I always hang out with are the people that I am always playing sports with. I love this community of people because I am the type of person that is always playing or trying to get people to play sports. So all of the people in my community are the same type of people, so they are the people that I have become good friends with and they are my favorite people to hang out with because we always have something to do.

Even though all of the people in my community are my friends and are really kind people the main people in my community that I relate to the most with are the people that play soccer. These people are more relatable because my favorite sport is definitely soccer so it feels like I do have more things to talk about with them because I do know a lot about soccer and we are the same type of people.

There are a lot of pros about the community that I am in but there is con about it. I think on thing that is hard for me, for example, is the fact that on the weekend my parents have enrolled me in so many sports so I do not have a lot of time to work on my school work so sometimes I can’t get it all done and that does sometimes affect me.

I do really love the community that I am in but I think because I am so focused on sports, because sports is my life, I think that it might be good for to also join another community at the same time since I am not the most academic person. Even though I am really good academically in some classes there are other classes that I just really do not understand. So I do feel like for me that will be beneficial.


6 thoughts on “My Sports Community

  1. G’day Abigail,
    Great post but it would look a lot more interesting if you included an image and perhaps a link to another website related to what you have written about.

  2. Hey Biba,

    I really liked your post, it was very interesting. i can totally understand, the way you relate more to people who love what you do. I feel the same way with most of my friends.

    Overall your post was really well-written and fun to read!!

  3. Hey Biba,
    I really like your post it is very detailed and interesting. I also really understand when you say, that you relate most to the people who like the same things that you do and have the same interests as you do. Overall great post. I really liked it.


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